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Custom Coaching

$150 / month



-Full Customized Nutrition Program

-Customized Exercise Program

-Guaranteed response within 24 hours to any questions during your program

-Access to coaches personal number and email

-Macronutrient education

-Weekly check ins and adjustments


The Muscle's Shredding Program


-Premade shredding program for maximum fat loss

-Includes full diet program

-Includes 7 day workout plan





The Muscle's Key to Growth Program


-Premade program for gaining lean muscle mass

-Includes full diet program

-Includes 7 day workout plan

All programs overseen by our coaching team for optimal result 

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Keaton Hoskins has a long track record in the fitness and health game.  Originally from a small town, Keaton had a passion for football, trucks and hitting the weights.  That passion grew into a career as a personal trainer.  Years later and Keaton has developed himself as a permiere personal trainer successfully coaching hundreds of clients through transormations, improving both their physical and metnal health.  

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FitMD Coaches

Keaton Hoskins
"The Muscle"

Keaton has a long track record in the fitness and health industry.  He grew up with a passion for football, trucks and lifting weights.  He was able to turn that passion into a career by becoming a personal trainer and successfully coaching hundreds of clients through transformations of both their physical health and lifestyle choices.  Keaton now is involved with the discovery channel on the show "The Diesel Brothers" but his true passion still is found daily in the gym. 

Michael Noe

Michael developed a passion for fitness through sports, playing competitive Ice Hockey as his main passion.  After being injured, he turned to the gym as a new way to focus his energy.  Fast forward to present day and Michael has spent the last 5 years in the fitness and supplement industry operating health stores as well as personal training and athletic development for clients across the nation.


At FitMD, we focus on getting your body to it's most healthy state.  Be it losing weight, gaining lean muscle or just improving your general health our coaches will get you to your goal!  By taking the guess work out of your nutrition and training programs you will be able to achieve your dream body quicker and more efficiently than ever before! 


We start by creating a custom diet plan tailored to your specific needs.  Each plan is customized to suit your day to day activity and help you reach the exact goal you have in mind.  We then create a physical exercise regimine to amplify your results and  boost you towards a state of better health and living.  Weekly check ins and adjustments to your plan are made by our coaches and are the key that will insure that you stay on track and acheive your goals!

We also offer pre-made plans that cover the basics of nutrition and exercise.  These plans will lay out what to eat and what to do exercise wise inside the gym.  For optimal results we do recommend setting up a custom plan with our coaches!


“FitMD programs helped me to acheive my goal of competing in a body building competition. With the hormone balance and nutrition program, I was able to quickly transform my body to where I wanted it to be”
-Taylor Hoopes



*Results may vary from client to client. No guaranteed results

I was thinking about doing a bodybuilding show. Many people talk about doing one of these things but never actually do them. So my next thought was, "better find good help" I heard of Keaton with FitMD from friends at the gym and talked to him a few times about it. Still, I was skeptical if I could pull this off but with Keaton's help, diet and work out routines I was a able to loose the fat and retain my lean muscle. My starting weight was 237lbs the morning of the show I was a lean 196lbs.
- Ken Moroni
Coach Michael Noe training with a  client in Missoula, MT.
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